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Adopt a Hopton Rehab Horse ‘Hayley’

£10.00 / month

Hi, I am Hayley and you can adopt me for only £10 per Month

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Adopt a Hopton Rehab Horse ‘Hayley’

After many years of being out on loan to a variety of families wanting a safe first ridden, Hayley came to the centre as she had been returned to her owner.  After all the years of her being away the family no longer had other horses of their own. This meant that she was on her own.

They worried that she was becoming depressed. She hadn’t been at the centre long when she found herself a lovely home. And was able again to give confidence to another young person.

She was on medication for Cushings before she came into the centre. We had to be very inventive at times to encourage her to take her tablet. When she returned to the charity she had already started refusing medication.

This in turn was stopping her eating. She was soon after, rehomed as a companion to a riding horse from the centre and was much loved.  This last winter however she has had needed a very specific balanced feeding regime. Due to now having lost quite a few teeth it is making chewing fibrous food difficult.

For this reason Hayley will now remain at the centre in order that these feeding requirements can be maintained. Hayley would love to still give joy to children. Through her adopters coming to visit her and fuss her at the centre she will be able to do this.


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