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Adopt a Hopton Rehab Horse ‘Diamond’

£10.00 / month

Hi, I am Diamond and you can adopt me for only £10 per Month

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Adopt a Hopton Rehab Horse ‘Diamond’

Diamond originally came over from abroad and not long afterwards she was found to be in foal. After foaling she stayed at the yard and was occasionally ridden.

She came to the centre with her foal who is now 5. Diamond was a fabulous mum but is quite a stressy mare. If she thinks that she is going to be left by others she does not like that.

Diamond has been such an easy going mare to handle. She great to catch, with farrier, to load, groom and is such a sweet nature. She has been occasionally been ridden at the centre. Although fundamentally safe she is always on edge and never really seems to be enjoying herself.

Whilst with us she has seen many friends come and go and she is great with mares, geldings, herds. She does however tend to get slightly pushed out of the group and tends to like having one specific friend.

Diamond has to be turned out in places where she can’t damage fences with her cribbing which has been, and will remain, a lifelong habit although she is very much improved.

She does have a tendency to colic when we have the first frost of the season so we have to be particularly careful with her in the Autumn. She will remain with us at the centre but we would love to see her having visitors and receive the love and attention she deserves.


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